Instruction Guidelines

A first draft of the Galenic regimen can be found here.


4 thoughts on “Instruction Guidelines

  1. Day 1s are always a bit strange, and the project feels like I’m navel gazing too much. I think I’ll get used to it. The notion I like is ‘balance’ and not getting hung up on details. I’m trying out my new regimen, but it’s not going to take over.

  2. Trying to get it right on Day 1 meant I lost out on lunch (meeting went on overtime, plate of chocolate bikkies all there was on offer) but I feel gratified I did not reach for the sugar fix like everyone else. OK, lunch was at 3 pm but I can vouch for what I had…AND I walked back to base…

  3. Well, day one went well for me. I did not find any food item difficult, but rather for me it was an issue of a mental stimulant, something I do every day that I think I should stop and so this is a two week time to stop but feel safe because I know I can go back to do it again…it’s a habitual thing that I realise causes me a lot of stress, actually. And it was quite difficult for me yesterday, but I feel strong and I feel committed to these two weeks!

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