The Very Last Day of the Galen Project!

What were your overall impressions? How easy has it been? Will you continue or run a mile the next time you hear the name ‘Galen’? Post your final reflections here!


5 thoughts on “The Very Last Day of the Galen Project!

  1. I think I’ve been a poor project participant, with a lot of backsliding! But it has been fun, and friends have been amused and interested. My class wanted details of the project, so Galen’s profile has increased!

    14 days isn’t long, but it’s been memorable and a kind of yardstick by which to judge how I live, which is salutary and positive. I will think of Big G as avuncular and sensible, and I won’t run away next time I meet him.

  2. This project has really helped me see the ‘bigger picture’ of my life with more clarity – it has also highlighted several areas which need to be changed, even if it has not provided the impetus to do so. Nevertheless, there have been some changes of which I feel justifiably proud, and which I hope to continue.

    I won’t run away from Galen next time I see him! I do think if the project is to be run again, that it would benefit from research skills in other areas.

  3. Dear fellow Galenites,
    Sorry to be absent for a while. Last weekend I traveled to Teeside for a family 60th -and was able to stay with the spirit of the diet – I offered to drive as an incentive not to drink. .However, on my return came down with chest infection, so was not able to do the increased exercise which I had planned and have been pretty wiped out.
    However I have found the reflections very helpful – and have made apologies and adjustments – including recognising when I might have been wrong/ overreactive.
    I am planning to continue the eating regime, exercise and reflection. I recognise that my life has been out of balance and need to take care of myself better. This has been a really useful process. Thank you

  4. One thing that’s been really useful is the realisation that comes from ‘scientifically’ assesing my mood and wellbeing every day and noticing the patterns – when I feel good and full of energy noticing what I have done that day, what I have eaten etc.

    It’s been great to have a real reason to stick to the things I know I should do.

    However, I have found it harder than I expected. I think because I have been on diets / given up or cut down on alcohol / am used to doing exercise and already meditate etc. occasionally, I thought it would be fairly simple to put them all together. But I think trying to focus on so many different parts of lifestyle at once was tough. A few times I found myself thinking ‘sod Galen’ and eating badly / staying up late.

    Having said this all the things I have drawn from the Galenic principals are those which I would like to try and continue… for life if possible!

    So thanks you very much for this opportunity.

  5. Thank you for the invitation for the project, it has indeed been very positive!
    It allowed me to realise that, actually, I dl not have such a healthy lifestyle as I thought I had and it proved very hard to do all the things at the same time, as Alkyone mentions.
    Because I tend to rotate on the “bad” things that I do, I had the feeling that I wasn’t doing them. These two weeks have showed me that yes, I am doing them…
    It has been also great because I have started doing exercise regularly, something that I have been wanting to do for years and will hopefully keep on doing now!
    Thank you again, it has been great!

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