Day 11!

As we near the end of the two weeks, are there any changes of which you feel particularly proud? Post that and any other reflections or observations.


4 thoughts on “Day 11!

  1. Feeling pleased with having persevered with pilates which I’m finding useful in all sorts of ways – mainly in noting how I’m able to move more easily. It is also helpful with the meditation, and relaxation and linking these up has been positive – probably wouldn’t have done that if I hadn’t been on this trial. I’ve gone from being more aware of tensing up to being slightly more able to address that tension – a good move..

  2. A nice day all in all – which really brought balance together nicely. A good mix of spending great time with friends and working. As a result of the balance, I felt like I looked forward to the work as it was not ‘overbearing’.

    I am very happy with certain changes I have made, such as a walk first thing in the morning followed by meditation before turning on the computer, and also elimination of sugar.

  3. Today was a bit off balance, because I had a long trip by coach to Lincoln and then a diner out with colleagues, with a little of indulgence (the main dish, even if vegetarian, had cream and there was a desert included, a cheesecake) and a moderate amount of alcohol. I did no exercise today, but did manage to meditate, so it was overal a good day.

  4. I have decided to try and continue the ‘diet’ for another week or maybe 2, just for myself, ideally I think I’d like to live a [variation on] Galenic lifestyle generally, it’s all such good stuff! I’ve been pleased with the meditation and reflection especially and the environmental changes I’ve made.

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