Day 10!

As you reach the mid-way point of the second week, how are you finding the Galen Project? Does it get harder or easier with time?


7 thoughts on “Day 10!

  1. Today I woke up fairly late (12h30), and went running for half an hour after a while. I did plenty of house chores and advanced a little on my assignment.
    In the late afternoon I have medidated and will go to bed early, because tomorrow have a trip to the north of England, won’t be able to post for two days.
    Am eating very well and keeping well balanced, am feeling very well

  2. Got up early in response to cat calling loudly for grooming. Obliged. Spent the day digging out a new plot, dealing with issues for going away this weekend, transporting furniture for a friend, building a ladder for the hens and cooking lunch for everyone. Main challenge is still chocolate when tired but overall not finding it too difficult. Tired tonight and off to bed early saddened and angered by the reports from Syria and the death of all these kids and the journalist Marie Colvin. Puts things in perspective.

  3. I agree. Syria is desperate, and everyone I talk to feels, like me, so powerless to do anything. We feel we should find out the details of what’s happening as a way of ‘honouring the dead’ or some such, even though it makes no difference in the grand scheme of things. It makes a personal health regimen seem self-indulgent in comparison. Except that having a means of coping with the reality of Syria – etc – and not ignoring it, is in a sense what it means to be a decent citizen, perhaps.

    In response to the question above, though, I feel more motivated to follow my regimen carefully, knowing it’s the final days!

  4. In answer to the question: overall I think easier because you get used to it but the motivation that was there at the beginning is lacking a little.

  5. I don’t think leading a balanced life is self indulgent in comparison with news from Syria. We need a balanced political approach to life and the economy just like the Syrians need it. Balance in the body and balance in the city is at the heart of Galen’s thinking. Despots and self indulgence (a rather Christian idea) are always inadvisable, I think would be Galen’s view.

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