Day 9


5 thoughts on “Day 9

  1. Woke up early, which is quite unusual and with energy, which is even more unusual. So, despite lots of extrenal demands throughout the day, I managed to stick to my main piece of work and and make a start on the more difficult area of the project.

    The enrgy levels stayed high throughout the day and even the work outside in the field that has been shelved for some time, got started – so I’m feeling pretty good, but also have that nagging feeling that surely this can’t last.

  2. Really good energy levels today, woke up in a expansive mood and hot footed it to the gym where I left my comfort zone and explored the free weights. The positive benefits of exercise cannot be underestimated!

  3. I am determined to go to bed without stressing about the day ahead, difficult with a test and long lessons tomorrow, but I want to have a good nights sleep and will try hard at some meditation and winding down techniques. Positive thoughts before bedtime!

  4. I had a full day, with two important meetings that conditioned in a way my remaining in Exeter until the end of the year. I started off with a very good massage by Toby and then went to Uni. The meetings went ok and, even though I didn’t run, I took my bycicle and did my daily exercise. Then I had a talk in the evening with a forum on IT and Globalisation, that went pretty well. I got home, finished some emails, meditated and then ended up staying doing an assignment and chatting with a friend on Sykpe until… 6am!
    I guess Galen wouldn’t be too happy about that, but it was a very productive day

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