Day 8!

Post your reflections and observations from day 8 of the Galen Project!


3 thoughts on “Day 8!

  1. Haven’t posted on here in a while!
    Have been really busy past couple of days and keeping up with Galen has been pretty hard… i admit to pizza and chocolate….
    Still find it hard to wake up, but to be fair haven’t really been going to bed at a reasonable time….hopefully for the rest of this week I can get back into the swing of things!

  2. I did a lot of exercise today but also let eating well slip a little and it’s way past a reasonable bedtime now, oops. Tomorrow is onwards and upwards.

  3. Today I completely misbehaved, because I was talking on Skype until 4h30 am. So I only woke up at 12h and my energy levels were pretty low anyway. Went to Uni, back and didn’t do sports or meditated. At least I ate well and was in balance.

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